My Passion..

Savage Beauty blossomed in 2014 from a dream to

work from home to support my family and a deep

desire to offer an affordable, consistent and reliable

beauty treatments to clients that seek out next level

customer service.

I pride  myself on client feedback  and ensuring client

satisfaction. Offering all your traditional beauty

treatments , specialized  skincare  & nutrition

consultations,  and expanded to incorporate wellness

as a whole, from the inside out.

Bringing nutrition and other premium wellness

products allows us to offer a unique service that is

tailored to each individual client and their needs.

We look after skin types and are sensitivity aware.

Newly released Quantum Therapies Using a Healy

frequency device offering incredible and extensive

opportunity for a whole new level of healing.

I look forward to providing you with a professional

service that you deserve.

Ashley Roi

Foggy Forest